Hubel Labs

We are a software research & development lab. We experiment with state-of-the-art technologies in computer vision for real-world applications.

Who we are

Hubel Labs is a platform for incubating new and interesting ideas that bridge computer vision and real-world applications.

In 1959, Hubel and Wiesel's nobel-prize winning research in visual neural-physiology using a cat set the foundation of the technologies that we use today. Our lab was named after these scientists who pioneered the field of computer vision.

Featured project

Those who are fans of the show Silicon Valley, will recognize this project to share some similarities with "SeeFood", the fictional app that can recognize hotdogs.

Except, this is even cooler. Our deep learning network has been trained on a proprietary dataset and can recognize over 70 different foods, from Vietnamese pho to Mexican churros. Our hierarchical deep learning architecture combined to spectral clustering is scalable to many more classes. This is currently being deployed in a next gen food app still in private beta.

Get in touch

Want to check out our tech, buy/license it to use in your own company or want to get involved as a developer or otherwise, just drop us a line.