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Applied AI. Digital Transformation. Tech Governance.

We are a think-tank focused on the intersection of technology, corporate transformations and board-level technology governance. We operate a remote-first, asynchronous software lab dedicated to the application of experimental advancements in artificial intelligence and web 3 in real-world use cases. We test out novel techniques involving the combination of usability design and human-machine hybrid processes to bridge the gap between what technology can achieve today and what is needed to solve real-world problems. Some concepts are further incubated and funded to get-to-market when we see a purposeful deployment of AI in service of humanity.

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Better tech literacy on boards and senior leadership positions leads to better governance. Hubel Labs invests in enhancing literacy by the creation of accessible and efficient technical learning material for Board Directors and Corporate Executives:

Web 3 Technical Deep Dive

Web 3 Episode 6: Bitcoin Part 1 - Transactions & UXTOs
Web 3 Episode 5: Blockchains vs Databases
Web 3 Episode 4: Crypto Primitives - Digital Signatures
Web 3 Episode 3: Crypto Primitives - Public Key Cryptography
Web 3 Episode 2: Crypto Primitives - Symmetric Encryptions
Web 3 Episode 1: Crypto Primitives - Hash Functions

Generative AI for CEOs & Boards

Generative AI - Introduction
Generative AI - Session 1 - How did we get here?

Artificial Intelligence for Boards

Machine Learning vs. Traditional Analytics - What’s changed?
The Top 5 AI Resources for Boards
Top 10 ways auditors use AI in performing Financial Audits
AI Algorithms commonly used in Corporates: Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning
What are Features & Feature Engineering in AI?

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Web 3 Learning Quest
Generative AI - Introduction
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